Individual & Couples Work

Individual Work

birdsAlthough I work with individuals and attend to the myriad issues and challenges that you bring, I find that issues become clearer in the context of relationship – with yourself, family, partners, friends, business associates and your therapist. We work to shed light on how issues get reenacted in these relationships. This becomes the context for your individual work. My goal as your therapist is to stay present, create safety, and allow your process to unfold.

Couples Work

Many of the issues we deal with in our daily lives including depression, anxiety, grief, feelings of abandonment, addictive behaviors, lack of self esteem and lack of motivation come from a ruptured relationship with your Self. I believe that each member of the couple must have a beginning understanding of their own issues before meaningful couples work can take place. I focus on helping each of you to identify and understand your own core issues as well as those of your partner. When we are able to understand the underlying issues and deeper hurts that can trigger difficult reactions in our partners, we can feel more compassion towards them. This deeper understanding can create more tolerance and a willingness to work through difficult issues together. By integrating this understanding into the treatment we can avoid endless cycles of blame and defensiveness which often occur in couples counseling. One of the goals of this work is to create a bridge between your individual issues and issues in the relationship. This allows each person to grow individually while promoting growth for the relationship as a whole.

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