Internal Family Systems Therapy

I am currently integrating Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) into my practice. Internal Family Systems Therapy is an approach to therapy developed by Richard Schwartz that acknowledges that we each have a multiplicity of parts within us. It holds that every part has a positive intention for us and if witnessed and understood can lead to healing within the system.

It is an inner process that uses awareness of body sensations, feelings or images to access and release traumas held within the body. It promotes an integration of mind and body that allows deeper healing to occur. I have found this approach to be highly effective, and have witnessed profound and rapid changes in clients while doing this work.

IFS acknowledges a Self within that is “calm, compassionate, clear, connected, confident, courageous, creative and curious.” It is the Self of the client as well as the Self of the therapist that creates the safety for parts to heal. As trauma is healed, our parts can release old stuck roles and choose new, more vibrant ones, creating a sense of internal spaciousness, freedom, and aliveness that is truly transformative. 

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