How Do We Begin?

streamWe start with a brief phone conversation in which you can ask me any questions you may have about my work, and we can explore what your needs are for therapy. I will ask you for some basic information to get to know you better and to determine how we might proceed together.

If you are feeling comfortable and would like to schedule a first appointment we can make an appointment for a face to face visit.  We can discuss payment and scheduling issues at this time, to avoid taking time during your first session to do so.  You may download my intake forms and bring them with you to your first session if you find this convenient for you, or you can complete the paperwork in my office before our first session.

I see therapy as an interactive and fluid process in which both client and therapist contribute something unique to the hour. It’s this synergy between therapist and client that creates an atmosphere in which healing can occur. Other issues often surface in the course of working together that were not the original focus of therapy. We may then choose to adjust our focus and include these issues in your treatment.  Therapy is a gift you give to yourself that begins with your first call.


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